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Specialists in Logistics & Transport Law - Call 01254 828300

Higher financial levels for restricted O-licences? Have your say!

Consultation opens for financial standing levels for restricted O-licences.

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Don't get hacked off about internet fraud!

The emergence of the internet, and its dominance in our every day lives, has opened doors that were incomprehensible just a few years ago.

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Have Your Say! -Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill Consultation Now Open

As part of Brexit, the UK is faced with a task of ensuring that its departure from the EU is as smooth as possible. 

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Confusing your GDPR with GPS?

There's no need to get lost. Our transport specific Guidance Packs will assist.

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Football shirts are the plumage of the 21st Century

What do the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the World Cup have in common?

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Top Tips for Selling Your Business

Looking to take a BACK seat? Or, quite simply, looking to maximise the return on your business investment?

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Big brother is watching you!

Companies in China have begun using technology to monitor the emotions of their employees.

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AdBlue Issues? Go to an authorised dealer or take professional advice from the DVSA or a solicitor

OTC advice regarding use of AdBlue emulators

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Did you know? PSV Registration of Local Services Amendment 24 April 2018

Very little has been written about the new Regulations, but the amendment will be relevant to operators running (or wishing to run) local bus services.

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DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme Goes Live: Want to Apply to Join?

Tuesday 24 April 2018 the DVSA launched its earned recognition scheme

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With a heritage stretching back to 1819 Backhouse Jones is the leading firm of solicitors which, since the introduction of the first transport act in 1930, has built an unrivalled reputation representing the transport industry.


By concentrating its expertise within just the road transport industry, Backhouse Jones provides an identifiably bespoke service completely tailored for logistics.


The 2017 Independent Chambers Guide describes the company as “fully focused on representing clients from the passenger transport industries, covering the full range of legal needs” and “the premier firm dealing with road transport regulatory work with far and away the biggest market share of any firm in this field”.


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