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Changes to Fines for Drivers’ Hours Offences

Operators and drivers are reminded that fixed penalties recently changed for some drivers’ hours offences. The changes came into force on 1 November, meaning from this date DVSA traffic examiners will be able to issue fines to drivers who have not taken their 45-hour rest at least every two weeks. The DVSA will fine drivers up to £300 if they have spent their full weekly rest in their vehicle where it causes a problem, for example spending a full break in the cab whilst parked in a layby.

Traffic examiners have been given new powers to issue on-the-spot fines for any drivers’ hours offence committed in the last 28 days. They can issue fines for up to five drivers’ hours offences per roadside stop, meaning you could be fined up to £1500 in a single stop if you have consistently breached the rules.

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