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DVSA Encourages Operators to Join Earned Recognition Pilot Scheme

The DVSA earned recognition scheme, which was previously expected to go live earlier this year, is now expected to be fully rolled out in Spring next year.

The DVSA is encouraging operators with a high level of compliance to sign up to a pilot of its scheme, which will determine whether the scheme works for both the industry and the DVSA.

The scheme requires operators to share performance information with the DVSA and in return, the DVSA will be less likely to stop their vehicles for inspection or visit their premises. The pilot scheme still appears to be lacking the support needed from hauliers in order to get the scheme off the ground.
To join the pilot scheme, you have to fill out an application form which can be requested by emailing

In order to be considered for the earned recognition scheme, you will need to have held an operator’s licence for at least two years. You must have IT systems in place to monitor vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours which are able to track KPIs and automatically inform the DVSA if the KPIs are missed. You must also have a track record of compliance with vehicle and driver standards.
If the DVSA approve your application, you will then need to arrange an earned recognition audit which will consider your compliance with all aspects of operator licensing, drivers’ hours, vehicle standards, operational management and driver management. The DVSA will consider the audit and decide whether the business has met the requirements for earned recognition.

Operators who sign up to the pilot scheme will get automatic access to the full scheme when it goes live. Operators taking part in the trial may still have their vehicles stopped as examiners will not know which operators are signed up.

If you would like advice or information, please contact a member of our regulatory team on 01254 828300 today.

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