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Su, Are You?

They are pivotal to the mechanics. Ever present and yet unnoticed. Suzie Lines. There is, however, a mystery to these heroic wires...

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Insured or not insured? That is the question!

Your vehicle is hit by a third-party vehicle, which does not stop. By chance you have CCTV which identifies the registration of the offending vehicle. The police cannot identify the driver, it could be any one of several people and no one is owning up.

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“Health & Safety – do it or get sued!"

The commercial vehicle industry is one of relatively high risk. Large, metal machines towering over their operators; heavy loads of hazardous waste and other articles; and long days of hard driving; means there are several dangers prevalent.

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London Direct Vision Standard: Consultation Closes and Further Information Emerges

Under the DVS proposals only HGVs rated three star and above would be allowed into London from 2024 and zero star rated HGVs would be banned from or restricted on London’s roads by 2020.

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RHA Launches Funded Legal Action Against The Truck Cartel

The Road Haulage Association is now giving UK haulage and logistics firms (whether or not they are RHA members) the chance to sign up to its legal action for compensation against truck manufacturers found guilty of illegal price fixing. 

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BACKup your knowledge

"Pay per person" regulatory compliance training geared towards Transport Managers and operational  teams.

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With a heritage stretching back to 1819 Backhouse Jones is the leading firm of solicitors which, since the introduction of the first transport act in 1930, has built an unrivalled reputation representing the transport industry.


By concentrating its expertise within just the road transport industry, Backhouse Jones provides an identifiably bespoke service completely tailored for logistics.


The 2017 Independent Chambers Guide describes the company as “fully focused on representing clients from the passenger transport industries, covering the full range of legal needs” and “the premier firm dealing with road transport regulatory work with far and away the biggest market share of any firm in this field”.


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