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RHA Gets Clarification on Where Drivers May Take Weekly Rest Periods

The RHA has obtained clarification from the DVSA in respect of how the DVSA  will enforce the ban on drivers taking their full weekly rest period in their cabs.

It is understood that drivers will still legally be able to take overnight or reduced weekly rest periods in their trucks provided it is in a formal rest area.   This means a service area or truck stop.  A full 45-hour weekly rest period, taken in whole or in part in a cab outside of a formal rest area, will not be considered legal.  Chief Executive Gareth Llewellyn said the DVSA will only impose sanctions on drivers taking their full weekly rest in cabs on or adjacent to public roads (eg. places with no toilets, showers or food facilities or lay-bys).

Drivers and operators found in breach of the rules from 1 November 2017 may face fines, prohibitions and being reported to the Traffic Commissioner.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “It would be totally inappropriate to ban all in-cab weekly rests, the impact on UK international and long distance operators would have been catastrophic.”  Mr Burnett also said “The problem we have is with inconsiderate, and sometimes illegal weekly rests taken where there are no facilities. That is bad for the public, for the reputation of the industry, for drivers’ health and for the safety of other road users.”

For further guidance on the new rules, please contact a member of our Regulatory team on 01254 828300.

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