To prepare for the launch anyone who feels they may be affected by the CAZ should check their vehicles on the Government website: will let them know if their vehicle will be charged for driving in any of the UK Clean Air Zones, including Bradford.

Bradford householders can apply for an exemption if you own a non-compliant commercial type vehicle for private use (e.g. vans, campers, motorhomes and horseboxes), you will not have to pay.

Bradford businesses, are eligible for up to three vehicles being exempt so most businesses, as long as they apply, won’t have to pay. This includes self–employed and sole traders. Businesses with up to 250 employees can apply including Small & Medium Enterprise (SME’s) self-employed, sole-traders, and registered organisations.  They are also eligible for grants to help them upgrade.

There are also “sunset” exemption periods for businesses that have upgraded vehicles on order but are not yet delivered. They won’t have to pay charges on the old vehicle whilst they are waiting for the new one to arrive.

Please contact a member of the regulatory team on 01254 828300 for more information or to find out more about us, click here.