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Confusing your GDPR with GPS?

The law on data protection changed on 25 May 2018.

Backhouse Jones is committed to providing you with the latest information and advice concerning the changes in the law which will affect you and your organisation.

Our GDPR guidance pack, specifically designed for the transport sector, contains both guidance documents and templates.


What will my employment pack contain?


  1. Audit checklist (to be completed by you, the operator)
  2. Top tips – useful reference point for clients
  3. Contract amendment letter
  4. Data request response policy
  5. Breach reporting policy
  6. Privacy Standard


  1. Return audit checklist
  2. Review of audit information
  3. Bespoke transport specific Privacy Notices drafted (this will include a Privacy Notice for existing staff and one for recruitment purposes)


How much is the employment GDRP guidance pack?

  • Backhouse Jones BACKup clients – free of charge
  • Standard price – £595 + VAT


What about Commercial GDPR?

Backhouse Jones can offer a review of current data protection clause(s) in your current standard terms and conditions.

  • Backhouse Jones BACKup clients – from £250 + VAT
  • Standard price – from £495 + VAT


Can I buy a combined package?

Of course…

  • Backhouse Jones BACKup clients – from £250 + VAT
    • Commercial GDPR only.  Employment package is FOC
  • Standard price – from £900 + VAT


To purchase one of our GDPR transport specific packs, please contact our marketing team:-


T:  01254 828 300



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