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DfT publishes Road Safety Action Plan

30 July

The Department for Transport has published its Road Safety Action Plan, aimed at reducing the number of people killed or injured on our roads.

The statement focuses on four main groups; young road users, rural road users, motorcyclists and older vulnerable road users.

It sets out 74 measures being considered to improve road safety, including increased penalties for failing to wear a seatbelt and an investigation into the effectiveness of alcolock devices which detect alcohol in a driver’s breath and stop a vehicle from starting if the level is too high.

In other road safety measures, the government is currently consulting on banning tyres aged 10 years and older from buses, coaches, minibuses and lorries. If proposals are supported, new laws could be introduced later this year, ready to come into force early 2020.

The Department for Transport’s Road Safety Action plan can be found here:


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