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DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme Goes Live: Want to Apply to Join?

Following the completion of a successful pilot, on Tuesday 24 April 2018 the DVSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Gareth Llewellyn, launched the DVSA’s earned recognition scheme at the NEC in Birmingham.

The pilot scheme ran from April 2017 and enabled the DVSA to test and develop the earned recognition scheme. It involved more than 60 commercial vehicle operators of varying sizes.

What is it?

The DVSA earned recognition scheme is aimed at PSV and HGV operators of all sizes and is a new way for operators to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards.

Those on the scheme have electronic systems in place to record vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours activities enabling operators to make sure they’re meeting the required standards for the scheme.

The benefit for operators is that those on the scheme will be significantly less likely to be checked by DVSA at the roadside. The intention is that operators will save time and money and the DVSA will be available to focus their enforcement on high-risk traffic who put other road users in danger.

How will it work?

Since 1 February 2018, the operators who participated in the pilot have had their operator compliance risk score updated (OCRS) to earned recognition status and received other benefits. This means they are significantly less likely to be stopped by the DVSA.

Operators currently on the scheme and those who join later will get the full benefits including:

• use of the DVSA earned recognition marque to use on their websites and other publicity materials;

• being recognised as a DVSA approved operator through a published list on GOV.UK;

• being able to prove they are exemplary operators when bidding for contracts;

• DVSA enforcement staff being much less likely to stop their vehicles at the roadside;

• DVSA enforcement staff being much less likely to visit their premises; and

• having direct access to a dedicated earned-recognition team in DVSA.

How do I join?

Commercial vehicle operators can apply to join the earned recognition scheme from 24 April 2018. For more information on what is required and to get an application form, visit or give our Regulatory team a call on 01254 828300.

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