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DVSA Load Security Guidance Updated

The DVSA has updated its guidance on load securing for vehicle operators. The changes highlight the need to secure goods to any pallet they might be on, especially when carrying light loads.

The guidance states that palletised loads must be stable and freestanding before any load securing is applied. Operators must make sure that goods are shrink wrapped or banded to the pallet they are transported on, otherwise they could slide or topple off the pallet in transit or during unloading. Operators must ensure that the unit load remains in a secure and stable condition at all times.

The section of the guidance on car transporters has also been updated to include separate guidance for cars and light vans carried on car transporters and for those carried on flatbed or curtain-sided trailers. The guidance states that loads should be stable without lashings.

Some items from the previous guidance have been removed, for example the tables that described vehicles facing forward and rearward. This table was removed as it was considered misleading but it will not have any effect on the security of the load.

Load security is an important issue as getting it wrong can have serious consequences for the driver, other road users and anyone involved with unloading the vehicle. Aside from the risk of death or serious injury, it could lead to a criminal prosecution and reputation damage. It is therefore critical that steps are taken to address the risks associated with poor load security.

For more information, please contact a member of our regulatory team on 01254 828300.

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