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Our BACKup service has been devised to cover the pinch points of a transport business – namely the management and safekeeping of your Operator’s Licence together with the management of people – all for an affordable fixed monthly fee based on an operator’s authorised fleet. The scheme provides 24/7 immediate access to expert transport lawyers regarding wide ranging regulatory and HR matters together with representation at Public Inquiry or Employment Tribunal.

Our service minimises the calamities and costs that can be caused by disputes and litigation because, let’s be frank, if a crisis happens, the time for preparation has passed. Our lawyers take the reins, enabling operators to concentrate on the core business of running a transport business.

What do I get?

Comprehensive advice on how to obtain and retain your Operator’s Licence.

The plan includes advice on:

  • Applying for an Operator’s Licence
  • Providing and satisfying undertakings
  • Changes to your Transport Managers
  • Changes to your operating centre
  • Changes to fleet size
  • Changes of entity/directors
  • Notifications to Central Licensing Unit / Traffic Commissioner
  • Matters relating to financial standing
  • Notifications of convictions
  • DVSA intervention whether VE or TE
  • Preparing detailed responses to prohibitions
  • Dealing with fixed penalties and/or immobilisation
  • How HSE and environment prosecutions can impact on the Operator’s Licence
  • The implications of insolvency/ bankruptcy on the Operator’s Licence

In addition BACKup provides full representation:

  • At a preliminary hearing before the Traffic Commissioner
  • At a Senior Team Leader Meeting
  • At a Public Inquiry
  • For prosecutions against the operator (TM’s & drivers not included) in relation to matters arising from the operation of a vehicle including for Construction & Use (weight/length/condition), Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Equipment

Our seamless service is provided to guide you through the irksome management of employees. BACKup provides a complete HR service offering daily practical advice and representation at an Employment Tribunal.

This includes:

  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Representation at an Employment Tribunal

Advice & assistance on all standard employment enquiries including:

  • The Working Time Regulations 1998 (as amended)
  • The Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005
  • Misconduct and disciplinary matters (including dismissal)
  • Wages, bonuses, attendance bonuses, overtime and general pay disputes
  • Holidays
  • Unlawful deduction from wages, loans and training costs
  • Sickness absence and long term illness
  • Maternity and Paternity leave
  • Parental leave and time off for dependants
  • Flexible working requests
  • Confidentiality and restrictive covenants
  • The Equality Act 2010 (including sex, disability, race, age, sexual orientation, disability related discrimination)
  • Agency Worker Regulations 2010
  • Issues relating to casual, self-employed and agency staff

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“Greys of Ely have chosen Backhouse Jones Solicitors 'BackUp Service' to support their business for all their compliance and HR needs. The exceptional service, level of competence and support offered for our industry sector by Backhouse Jones is unrivalled, and all for a highly competitive fee. This is certainly a 'must have' package that any operator should be looking to invest in to help support their business moving forwards.”

Richard Grey, Greys of Ely

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