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Have Your Say: Leeds Clean Air Zone Proposals Consultation

Leeds City Council has announced its proposals to reduce air pollution and protect the health of people in the city. The council is now looking for people living, working and commuting in Leeds and the wider region to have their say on its proposals. The consultation opened on 2 January 2018.

The Government previously identified Leeds, along with a number of other local authorities across the UK, as needing to introduce a range of solutions to meet legal limits on air pollution and therefore improve air quality within the shortest possible timescale.

The Clean Air Zone would mean that lorries, buses, taxis and private hire vehicles that do not meet the latest emissions standards could be charged up to £100 per day to enter Leeds city centre, no charges are currently planned for private vehicles. The plans could start as early as October 2018.

The consultation asks businesses, commuters and those living in the wider Leeds region their thoughts on the proposals for improving air quality in the city so that it can meet national air quality standards.

The consultation is split into three parts:

1. Proposal for a charging Clean Air Zone in Leeds
In this section, Leeds council want to hear your views on how the proposed Clean Air Zone could affect you and whether some vehicles should receive a discounted charge.

2. What else should Leeds do to improve air quality?
On its own, the Clean Air Zone will not be enough to comply with national air quality standards in the shortest possible timescale. The council wants your views on additional proposals it could take to improve air quality in the city as soon as possible.

3. What could you do to improve air quality?
A city-wide effort would be needed if Leeds is to clean up its air and comply with national emissions standards. The Council want to hear what people are already doing and what further action could be taken to reduce your own personal contribution to air pollution.

You can give your views on the consultation at until 2 March 2018. The responses that are received will shape the council’s final air quality proposal.

Please contact a member of our regulatory team on 01254 828300 if you would like further information.

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