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Su, Are You?

20 July

They are pivotal to the mechanics. Ever present and yet unnoticed. Suzie Lines. They tie the command centre, the driver’s seat, to the precious cargo to be hauled cross-country; be it Oxford to Carlisle, Cardiff to Norwich or Preston to Blackburn.

There is, however, a mystery to these heroic wires, a question unanswered by history. That question: Who on earth is Suzie? The intrigue underlying the name “Suzie Lines” is quite frankly, palpable. What did she do that was so monumental, that this essential piece of kit was named after her? Did she invent them? Did she find a bizarre use for them? Who knows?

Backhouse Jones know. We feel it’s about time that the clamoring for answers was muted.

The Suzie Lines are a set of electric wires that run from the back of the driver’s carriage on a truck, to the platform at the back, upon which the load to be hauled is placed. They hang in the gap that exists between these two sections of the vehicle, often being overlooked by the innocent lay person.

They also feature on planes and airlines, carrying out the similar function of offering passage for electricity to travel from one area of the vehicle to another across a space.

None can deny that the purpose they serve is practical and essential, but neither can anyone tell you why these wires are called ‘Suzie Lines’.

The answer is rather simple. Suzie Lines are SUSPENDED in midair across gaps. Consequently, operators everywhere have taken the first three letters of the word ‘suspended’ and morphed them to sound out “Suzie”. Simple yet elegant.


Unfortunately, there was no women called Suzie involved in the crafting of the Suzie Lines, nor have any bizzare or shocking uses of the Suzie Lines been discovered, the skipping rope industry do seem to be making headway on that last one though. Instead the name “Suzie Lines” has been birthed by the wit and colloquialisms of the industry, no longer a mystery anymore.

We do, however, recognise that you were hoping to hear an incredible story about a woman called Suzie when you began reading this article, so to satisfy this expectation, below is a list of impressive women called Suzie and their accomplishments:

  • Susan Sarandon (Academy Award and BAFTA winning actress who dabbles in political activism)
  • Susan Boyle (Previous contestant on Britain’s Got Talent and current worldwide selling musician)
  • Susan Francia (US Rower)
  • Susan Collins (United States Senator from Maine)
  • Susan Tedeschi (Successful Blues and Soul Musician)
  • Susan J. Kelley (Former Dean of the College of Health and Human Resources)
  • Susan Powter (Australian born motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer and journalist)
  • Susan Ivey (American businessperson: chairman, president and CEO of Reynolds American, Inc.)
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